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Veneers are thin, ultra-fine shells bonded to the front of the teeth. They serve as an effective solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of one's smile. They are specifically designed to improve the color, shape, or alignment of the teeth. Whether it's to correct discoloration, stains, gaps, crooked teeth, or overall alignment, veneers offer a versatile and impactful way to achieve a radiant and improved appearance of teeth.

Key Benefits of Veneers

  • Improved teeth color - Veneers can be used to conceal discoloration

  • Improved teeth shape - Veneers can be used to close gaps, lengthen teeth, or visually straighten crooked teeth

  • Improved teeth alignment

Types of Veneers

There are two main types of veneers: plastic/ composite veneers and ceramic veneers.

The composite veneers can be made in two different ways: either directly in the clinic by using an individual template or indirectly, which means manufactured by a lab technician.

A) Composite Veneers

Direct composite veneers are the most cost-effective option. They are made from a plastic material that is molded in the dental practice and then bonded to the teeth. Composite veneers are generally not as durable as ceramic veneers and can discolor over time. They can be done in the so-called “injection-molded”-way, where first an impression or scan is taken and a so-called “Mock Up” is done in the lab. After the patient approves of design and shape the individual template is constructed. This template is then used to form the veneers directly on the patient's teeth with dental composite material in just one appointment. If no template is used, the veneers are manufactured by a technician in a dental lab by using special dental composites based on the impression or the scan. This is called the indirect way. As the processes and materials in a lab are different, it is possible to have a better quality in terms of the material characteristics f.e. the durability or the surface finish.

A) Composite Veneers

B) Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are the more durable option and are always manufactured in a dental lab. They are made of ceramic, which is custom-made in a laboratory and then bonded to the teeth. Ceramic veneers are generally more robust and durable than composite veneers and cannot discolor.

B) Ceramic Veneers

Veneers Treatment Steps

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

Initially, the dentist advises the patient about treatment with veneers and explains the advantages, disadvantages, and costs. This is followed by a thorough dental examination and photo documentation of the teeth. Professional tooth cleaning is then performed to eliminate discoloration and determine the tooth color. A scan and optionally impressions are made to simulate the potential outcome of the treatment. This potential outcome is made visible in the second step, a so-called “Mock Up”, which shows the effects in a kind of “try-on-appointment”. Any wishes and changes still can be discussed and made.

Preparation and Impression

Preparation and Impression

The third step in the veneer process involves preparing the tooth or teeth. This preparation may require the removal of a thin layer of enamel to ensure that the veneers attach correctly. But it’s also very likely, that no substance is needed to be removed, this depends on the individual situation. Along with the dentist, an appropriate shade for the veneers is selected, aiming to match the natural color of the teeth as closely as possible. In case the indirect way of a) Plastic Veneers or b) Ceramic ones are chosen, the dentist takes an impression of the mouth and teeth, which is sent to a laboratory to create the veneers. While waiting for the veneers to be made, temporary care is provided to the prepared areas. The fourth and last step here will be the bonding session after the lab delivers the veneers to the dentist. In case the direct way is chosen, the veneers are created right in this appointment, and the treatment is finished.



If veneers are crafted from either ceramic or plastic in a dental laboratory, with ceramic ones often being more durable and less susceptible to discoloration compared to their plastic counterparts, both need to be bonded to the teeth’s surface. However, plastic veneers tend to be more cost-effective than ceramic. The bonding of these veneers occurs in the dental office, where they are adhered to the teeth, and the adhesive is cured using a special lamp. The procedure is quite similar for both materials. This part of the treatment is typically pain-free.

After Treatment

After Treatment

Die Nachsorge für Veneers beinhaltet regelmäßige Reinigung und Pflege, um Verfärbungen z.B. an den Rändern oder Schäden zu verhindern. Sie können sicher mit einer herkömmlichen Zahnbürste und fluoridhaltiger Zahnpasta gereinigt werden. Darüber hinaus ist es wichtig, dass Patienten regelmäßige Kontrolltermine in ihrer Zahnarztpraxis wahrnehmen, um den Zustand ihrer Veneers überprüfen zu lassen. Eine regelmäßige professionelle Zahnreinigung verlängert zudem die Lebensdauer Ihrer Veneers.

Commitment to Excellence in Dental Care

Dental21 Offenbach is staffed by highly skilled dentists and dental specialists dedicated to offering exceptional care through continuous education and evidence-based practices. Staying ahead with the latest field advancements, we ensure the highest care standards using certified, top-notch equipment. This commitment extends to our dental lab work, with restorations crafted in our "Dentalab21" lab or in partnership with certified German master technicians, embodying our dedication to quality and precision.

Commitment to Excellence in Dental Care

Premium Materials for Optimal Dental Health

We prioritize the use of premium materials and state-of-the-art equipment, exclusively sourcing from renowned brands to ensure Dental21 Offenbach is equipped with the latest advancements. This high standard is maintained not only in our clinic and Dentalab21 lab but also among all our lab-side partners. Emphasizing that only the best is sufficient, we strive to serve our patients with unparalleled dedication to achieving the best dental health outcomes.

Premium Materials for Optimal Dental Health

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